Training Terms and Conditions Feather Touch

Submission of work

Prior to your acceptance to our Master Class, you must provide 6-10 examples of your work in high resolution, before and after format without shadows.

Terms Of Training

Upon booking a Feather Touch Training, the business owner, and/or the student will be asked to sign and return the below mentioned terms and conditions prior to the training date.


Full tuition fees are payable upon booking to secure your place. You can use a credit or debit card via paypal to complete this transaction via our online booking service. No training can be booked without full payment. Refunds are subject to our cancellation policy which can be viewed here


We offer no affiliation in the form of use of our trademarks, including hash tags, social media tags and or mentions in articles, online, print and any other articles. for example it is not appropriate to claim to be “lash noir trained”. This workshop is focussed on upgrading skills, and offers no brand recognition or affiliation in any form, nor do we provide any certification formal or otherwise. We do allow “tags” and “check ins” only on the day of training. We offer no use of our imagery for your promotional purposes.

Travel Insurance

It is important that if you are travelling for training that you purchase travel insurance, should you miss your training or something unforeseen arise your tuition fees will be covered.


Cityworks Depot offers all day parking at $28.50, payment is accepted by Tournament Parking and fees can be paid by Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard and coins. We are unable to cash out for parking.

Salon Etiquette / Models

All models must be supplied by the student, if you are travelling from out of town we can help source models however we are not able to take responsibility if they do not show up for any reason- In the event that models cancel last minute please notify us immediately as we may be able to help. All models must have brows free from old tattoo and be deemed suitable for the treatment based on a checklist we send to you once training is booked. All students must be dressed smart casual as they will be learning in a salon environment, and are asked not to bring friends or family with them to training regardless of if they may be models. All models are asked also not to bring friends and family or children along to the training. These rules ensure the most productive learning experience for all involved. Please exercise your own knowledge when it comes to model contraindications such as eye infections, lash extensions, old lash lift etc. as well as let your trainer know without delay.

Product availability

We recommend certain products, however due to them not being supplied by us we can make no guarantee to their quality, availability or price. We provide all products needed during training. If you have a latex allergy you will be required to bring your own gloves.


To book a training, please visit select your preferred training option, complete the associated payment, agree to the terms. You will receive an email confirmation, and shortly thereafter a copy of the terms and conditions to sign and return no sooner than 14 days prior to your training date.