Training - Yumi Lashes 2.0

Yumi Lash Lift 2.0 is a unique 3 step Keratin lash lifting system that yields a superior, longer lasting result to traditional lash perms or lifts. There is no element of surprise when it comes to outcome with Yumi Lashes, all therapists must undergo certification to ensure they have advanced techniques to provide the perfect experience for their clients.


Using a combination of Keratin, Proteins and Nourishing Agents in 3 separate solutions, the Yumi Lashes Treatment process lifts, fixes, and serum infuses the natural lash resulting in lifted, volumous natural lashes. With an optional add on of Yumi Ultra Dark tint & Keratin Fixing Mascara.

Why Yumi?

Unlike other Lash Lifting brands available in New Zealand, Yumi Boasts a consistent, fantastic result with added Lash Health benefits as well as the longest lasting result. The quality control on Yumi Lash Lifting therapists ensures the brand maintains a fabulous reputation, and is used only by the best in the industry. 

Treatment Time

A comfortable 60 minutes, meaning higher profit per treatment than other Lash Lifting brands. Minimum Treatment Pricing $109-139 per treatment. 


All therapists must be Yumi Lashes certified in order to be able to buy and use products and market the Yumi Lashes Brand worldwide. We supply 1-2 trainers, per 6 students. 

What you need to bring

1 models who has no lash extensions or lash perm for minimum 8 weeks. We recommend to get the most educational value out of your training you choose someone with reasonably good natural lashes that haven’t had extensions on them for a number of weeks.  

Yumi Lashes 2.0 training now includes Yumi Brow Lamination Tuition.

Tuition Includes

  • All about Lashes - Theory
  • Troubleshooting issues with past results
  • Techniques to take good photos
  • Yumi Lashes & Brow lamination Demonstration including advanced techniques, and creative contouring and solution placement to suit different types of lashes.
  • Student to complete Yumi Lash Lift with Trainer
  • Student to complete a Yumi Brow Lamination with trainer 

Kit Includes

  • Solution 2 sachets only
  • Glue - new one
  • tweezers x 1 long fine ones
  • mascara x 1
  • deep black tint x 1
  • 2 of each size silicones total 8 silicones
  • 16 x micro brushes
  • 16 x glue brushes
  • 2 x rings
  • 16 x cups for rings
  • 16 x disposable mascara wands