Training - Yumi Brow Lamination

Yumi Brow Lamination is the latest and greatest Beauty treatment to hit the international market. We have combined our famous Brow Magic Training with this Lamination training to offer the most comprehensive Brow Training available in NZ. Brow Lamination is a process using Protein and Keratin infused solution to set the brows into your desired formation, the result fully fluffed out Brows.

Brow Magic is a process we developed to maintain consistency amongst our therapists, and perfection in the outcome. From having many staff over the years, we noticed that the level of brow shaping in the industry wasn't where it needed to be, and results between therapists differed way more than what we were comfortable with. Through multiple overseas trainings, we combined techniques to create an easy to follow system that assists the therapist to Face Map & Template a brow proportionate to a clients features resulting in no room for error when it comes to executing the hair removal portion of the treatment. We also focus on the use of wax, tweezing, precision/custom tinting as well as product application to give therapists the best chance at retail success & return clientele. We exclusively use Curtis Collection in salon, and during training. We offer one single day training for qualified therapists who want to learn the art of brows. We have a maximum of 3 students per tutor for all Brow workshops.

3 options available:

Yumi Brow Lamination add on 
for certified Stockists only $199.
4 hours. Includes a tool kit only.

Yumi Brow Lamination & Yumi Lash Lifting Comprehensive
$785. Full Day.
Includes a Yumi Lashes & Tool Kit.

Yumi Brow Lamination & Yumi Brow Shaping Training.
$785 Full day.
Includes a Brow Lamination Kit.


Rebecca, Britney, Kirstin or Steph 

What you need to bring

1 model with fully grown out brows. 

What this course includes

  • Basic Health and Safety including contraindications for hair removal
  • Tools and products
  • Mastering your consultation process & managing expectations
  • Understanding & working with facial Structure and muscle movement
  • Design and templating to proportions
  • Hair Removal Techniques
  • Colours/precision tinting 
  • Product Application
  • Combatting common issues
  • Retail sales success
  • How to take quality images for promotional purposes
  • Your selection of the above Lamination, Shaping or Lash Lifting techniques.