Elan Smart Brow - Long Lasting Hybrid Colour

Elan Smart Brow - Long Lasting Hybrid Colour

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The creme de la creme of Hybrid colour technology.

2 base colours & 2 modifying boosters provide the basis to mix over 50 Brow colours customised to your client. Must strictly be used in combination only with the Elan Smart Brow Emulsion. 

The very first Brow colour with a neutral PH protecting the quality of the hair and moisture in the skin during processing. 

Contains Heliogenol a patented ingredient from France providing high colour fastness resulting in lasting times on skin of 8-14 days and on hair for upto 7 weeks without discolouration during fading. 

RATIO is 1:1 with Oxidising Emulsion. Colours can be used on their own, mixed together and with colour boosters. 

Please note that due to the efficacy of this product you must follow the instructions down to the detail including using the prep, fixing & boosting products where applicable. These instructions will be sent to you with your product.  


20ml tube