Yumi Lashes Lift Fix Serum

Yumi Lashes Lift Fix Serum

Lash Noir Pro

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Lift - The first solution used in the 3 step process. This step softens the structure of the natural lash to allow for Curve.

Fix - The second solution in the 3 step process. This step sets the curve in place & seals in proteins for strength and Keratin for nourishment.

Nourish - The final step in the lifting process. This solutions softens residual glue bond, and nourishes the lashes. Contains the strongest concentration of Keratin.

Key ingredients & benefits: 

- A combination of Keratin, Proteins & nourishing agents ensures the hairs stay moisturised & nourished during lash lifting & brow lamination. 


10 strips of each lift fix and serum (40 treatments +), product is also available for purchase in unboxed 2 sets (8 treatments +)