Yumi Nails Gel Lac Pro Base Coats 15ml

Yumi Nails Gel Lac Pro Base Coats 15ml

Lash Noir Pro

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With Their Amazing Texture, You Can Do Anything With These Base Coats.

Gel Lac Pro base coats adhere perfectly to the natural nail. They are easy to shape thanks to a self-levelling component that creates a slightly domed effect and guarantees strength. The Gel Lac Pro base coats cure very fast: 30 seconds under a LED lamp for the clear bases and 60 seconds for the coloured bases, and they require very little filing. Once the technique has been mastered, the results are incredibly natural. We offer a choice of 7 colours, because not everyone has the same colour of nails or skin. This way you can find the colour that suits your skin tone best.

Available in 7 colours:  

- Clear #110 

- Milky #100

- Light Pink #101

- Pink #102 

- Natural #103 

- Nude #104 

- Peach #105 

Can be used as a colour with a Gel Gloss.

*Please note this is a buildable gel base, to apply a thin base remove excess off brush. Press the brush onto the nail bed, wait 2 seconds and slowly move the product down the nail bed. Do not polymerise until you are happy with the spread of product.